Stijn Derksen – A weird name.

I think this name is weird. how do you even pronounce this? why is the name so popular? These kids’ parents must have been on all sorts of drugs to have popped these guys out and slapped that name on them. Stijn? really?


Planet of the Grapes – Dawn of the planet of the apes parody CLICK BAIT!

ALright – it’s not exactly click bait if it’s posted two weeks after it opens – but people are saying this is the greatest food related parody of this movie YET! i’ve been very busy trolling the web – so this is all i’ve been able to supply the internet with. Have fun. Enjoy. Prosper in spite of your pain.

Animation Reel – 2013

I don’t know if this should be considered my reel for 2014, or my reel up to 2014. As i’ve never really created a reel before, these are the issues i face.

So – check it out, most of this stuff is familiar if you are aware of my work. If not – you can check out more of this stuff at or

Benjamin Crutcher – Animation Reel 2013 – Stop Motion and 2d from arnold benedict on Vimeo.

The music used is from one of my favorite bands The Underground Railroad To Candyland – and you can hear the song on track 13 of the album that is linked. If you like it, support them by buying something! They’re a bunch of cool dudes with habits to support.

And so am I! – if you know of anyone looking to collaborate on something like you see above – and understand my relative skill level (willing to learn for food) – hit me up and we’ll talk

Arnold Benedict Doesn’t Interview: Kyle Gass (of Tenacious D)

I Recently got a chance to ‘open’ for The Kyle Gass Band’s official halloween bash at DiPiazzas in Long Beach. Everyone there had a great time (with the exception of one young lady who took offense to my wearing a found scarf on my head like a turbin. Not out of cultural disagreement – but because she thought i was stealing it from her. i swear the top of my head is way more visible than a lost and found, as she suggested – drunk bitch).
After KG kicked off his high heels – i was (not) able to sit down with him after the show and shoot a little shit. this is how it (might have) went:

Arnold Benedict: Hey, did you see our show tonight?

Kyle Gass: were you on the Sopranos?

AB: no. we were the opening act toni-

KG: it was a joke – but, no, we were running late and ended up unloading during your set. but i hear you guys were great.

AB: we were pretty good for a last minute replacement – any chance we can open for you guys on tour?

KG: we’re not going on tour any time soon

AB: but, if you were – could we open for you?

KG: i don’t think we have any tour plans in the future – not right now at least

AB: but if you were

KG: i haven’t even seen your band! there is no tour!

AB: it was a halloween show – you were dressed as Lori Beth Denberg

KG: Who?

AB: Lori Beth Denberg – she was on the show ‘All That’

KG: I might have missed that one – i was just wearing a wig and dress, i was dressed as a woman

AB: the show was on Nickelodean

KG: Yeah, i might have seen it at some point, but can’t really remember any details

AB: did you watch a lot of Nickelodean?

KG: not too much – some ‘Ren and Stimpy’ i guess, i think that was on Nickelodean, right?

AB: this has been some vital information

KG: that i’ve watched Nikelodean?

AB: it was what she said in the show

KG: ‘Ren and Stimpy’?

AB: ‘All That’…were you Roseanne?

KG: are you just naming heavy women?

AB: I think you looked a lot like Lori Beth Denberg, i just guessed Roseanne, but you don’t really look like her.

KG: I did watch Roseanne

AB: i liked when Dan got hit in the head with a wrecking ball

KG: yeah, i remember that episode – it was pretty emotional

AB: i think he would have died, right? if he got hit with a wrecking ball, in the head?

KG: i don’t know – he didn’t

AB: even with a hard hat on, a wrecking ball is pretty heavy

KG: yeah

AB: would you ever go on tour with Miley Cyrus?

KG: i don’t think we share the same audience

AB: what if she asked you?

KG: i guess so – we might have to change some of the lyrics

AB: she’s getting pretty sexual now

KG: yeah, but isn’t she like – seventeen?

AB: oh…


AB: you played the flute…

KG: i did

AB: that was fun

KG: i think so

AB: hey – the other guys didn’t wear costumes

KG: yeah, we were running a little late – they tossed on some wigs and called it good

AB: i wore a diaper

KG: is that a ‘Manchild’ reference?

AB: uh…

KG: we have a song called ‘Manchild’ – it’s the name of our album

AB: …

KG: it’s on this t-shirt i’m wearing

AB: oh, no – i poured ravioli in it

KG: ok.. i think i’ve gotta close out my tab

AB: hey, here’s a DVD – it’s the first season of a sketch comedy web series i helped make – it’s comedy

KG: i like comedy

AB: cool, so you’ll watch it?

KG: sure, first thing when i get home

and there it is – full and uncut. You can find out all sorts of stuff about the Kyle Gass Band (wait…KGB!? WHY DIDN’T I REALIZE THIS!?) on their official site:
The Kyle Gass Band

You can find out more about the Klepto K Project (the opening act referred to in the interview) at :
The Klepto K Project

and you an find out more about the comedy DVD at:
The Craig T Nelson Mandela Variety Hour’s Youtube Page!

Arnold Benedict Doesn’t Interview: GypsyHawk

It was a musty evening at the Roxy – with so many sasquatches packed into one room, it’s hard not to notice the odor. For such elusive creatures – they sure do know how to pack a house. There were happy hour grilled cheeses for sale ($7 a pop, if you call that a ‘sale’) – but i couldn’t dream of eating over the stench of carrion. These beasts clearly paid no notice to the sign out front, which very plainly stated ‘No outside food or beverages’ – have some class you filthy apes!

I was (not) able to catch up with Eric Harris, bass player of GypsyHawk after the show – and i had some questions (not) prepared in case i got the opportunity to (not) interview them. Here’s how it (would’ve) went:

Arnold Benedict: I yelled fuck Detroit half way through your set, what did you guys think about that?

Eric Harris: you yelled ‘Fuck Detroit?’

AB: yeah, about half way through your set – did you think it was because Erik Kluiber is from Detroit?

EH: why would you yell ‘Fuck Detroit’?

AB: i’m glad you asked that – you see, Ian [brown, drummer] owes me thirty dollars after the Bears beat the Lions last year

EH: So, football bets made you yell ‘Fuck Detroit’ at us while we were on stage?

AB: well, Ian owes me the thirty dolllars, and i haven’t been able to collect since you guys have been on tour so much so…

EH: So you yell ‘Fuck Detroit’?

AB: yeah, i mean, i didn’t think until later that it might be a little confusing – oh, and the blackhawks won the stanley cup.

EH: Hockey?

AB: yeah, so that’s another reason

EH: to say ‘Fuck Detroit’?

AB: yeah

EH: at a GypsyHawk show…

AB: did you hear the guy yell ‘Fuck State Lines’ after you announced the title of your song?

EH: i must have missed that

AB: Ian, did you hear it?

[Ian munches on some dead rodents and leaf litter]

AB: i think he stole that from me

EH: Some guy stole yelling ‘Fuck fill in the blank’ from you?

AB: i don’t think he meant it to mean ‘fuck your song “state lines”" – i think he just doesn’t like arbitrary borders

EH: ok..

AB: like, the border between Illinois and Iowa makes sense, and Indiana and Illinois, and Illinois and Kentucky and Missouri

EH: because of the river

AB: Yeah! So, do you guys choreograph your own dance moves, or have you been influenced by anyone in particular

EH: we just do what feels right – and if it feels so right that we want to do it again, we’ll do it again

AB: cool, but did you learn them from any single one person?

EH: we’ve all been to a lot of shows, and been in a few bands – so everything has influenced us in some way – you’re pointing to yourself right now, do you want me to say that YOU influenced what we do on stage?

AB: you could say i choreographed what you do on stage – only if it were true

EH: I’m not saying that

AB: well, thanks a lot for your time, it was a great show – hope you had fun at The Roxy!

Well, that was informative, wasn’t it? Who knew i had so much influence in the Stoner Metal Revival scene. You can see Gypsyhawk on stage in a city near you on their upcoming tour – or buy their crap at any one of these fine places:
Revelry & Resilience on iTunes
Best Buy
Google Play