HarePye Plus

HarePye Plus number two:


Had a loooong weekend, and an even longer trip back. Having to catch up on work and etc’s is not something I like to have to do.

Note to self: never leave town again.

HarePye Plus

HarePye Plus [tentative title?] is a new weekly webcomic I started a few days ago…I hope to pursue it as I like drawing things when I have the time…so you know…look at it and stuff.

HarePye Plus number one:


I hoped to squeeze another post in here before my long weekend for which I will be in-computercated [yeah…I think I made that up…what of it!?]…hopefully I can come back with some more stuff…and some extra help!

Stiff drinks offer stiff upper lips.

Have a nice weekend.

A Perfect Interview!

Sometimes people try and force unprofessional people to be professional in a completely unprofessional environment…and in those instances you earn yourself a real nice button down shirt from anchor blue, a signature on your jackass box set, and a nervous tick edited into a sweet outtake reel:

I’m available to do children’s parties, bar/bot mitzvahs, weddings, or just get drunk and hang around for money.

If you liked that [or the LA Lakers], you can thank Garrett Lynn of Lakers-Fan.com for putting this gem together.

…and don’t think I just get nervous on camera either, I can get smacked real good too!:

We’re Famous On The Internets!!!

While we were shooting that last sketch in beautiful Venice CA, a friendly photographer snapped a few photos and published us to his Flickr account…sooo…we’re internet awesome now!


Big thanks to James Cann for giving us something awesome…check out his flickr account at CannPix


We had some free time at work a while ago and decided that the internet needs more TMZ parodies…so…here’s some:

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