The Beginners Guide To Beginners Surfing: The Beginning

I’ve been working on a beginners guide to surfing, written from the point of view of a beginner…me, for an action sports website GrindTV and this is the first chapter. Check it out, there’s much more to come! :

*Disclaimer* I have never been or claimed to be extreme or alternative in any way. I generally can’t resist things that look like too much fun, and get around to them way after they’re cool. I grew up in a cave and had no knowledge of the outside world up until last week. And this is where the journey begins… [full entry]

‘Bad Backs, and Tough Breaks’ or ‘Why My Mattress Isn’t, and never will be a Tempur Pedic’

We’ve all seen them, late at night while we’re munching on our third snack sized bag of flaming hot cheetos [i prefer my flaming hot cheetos ‘with lime’, but to ask for something so exotic would be unheard of at the liquor store on my block], the commercial sandwiched between your ‘news at ten’ and the simpsons rerun that you have seen about a hundred times too many. The advertisement trying to sell you this bed that was created for astronauts so they could sleep more comfortably in space! I sit there on the couch i’ve had for years now that was salvaged from some unsuspecting neighbor late at night, destined for some landfill, listening intently to their pitch:

“do you suffer from back pain?” [full entry]