Kids Will Do The Darndest Things

They sure will!

No Brakes, No Bars, No Brains…or…’How to ride your bike in downtown LA during CicLAvia with no handlebars’

I’m no handyman.

A few months ago I was in desperate need of a bicycle [full entry]

Ben And Clark Cast Ep. 5!

super hero schmooper heroYou read your latest feed correctly, Ben And Clark Cast Episode 5 has been uploaded and is ready to be devoured! This episode is the first of many to come that will intrigue you with our Hollywood celebrity dish. TMZ would KILL to get stories like we got out of our very special guest Anthony Treme (Treme is spelled with one of those fancy punctuation marks over it, but since we don’t buy into that yuppy un-american party dress crap, you’ll have to figure out how to type that one to Google it on your own!). Clark continues to bury himself in regret over previous episodes, and piles even more on while discussing his latest adventures on the internet dating circuit. Ben merely exists as usual, chiming in with precious gems such as ‘blahbitty blah blah’ and ‘Whizzoooooo!’ while Clark gently reminds him of why he’s special. If you’re a fan of Billy Zane or Andy Richter stories, stay tuned with this one as it picks up after the first break.

We leave you with our very first movie prediction, discussing the possibility that the film ‘Your Highness’ (starring the emotional James Franco, the Sexy Natalie Portman, and the moderately obese Danny McBride) might be a bust. So check it out, take notes, and challenge our intellect!

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