Ben & Clark Cast – Ep. 7: The Cheez-it Slut Cometh!

Ben and Clark make a valiant return to the world of podcasting with each other, and may have found themselves becoming ‘cheezit slut sluts’, by welcoming the wonderful Shannon Hatch back on the show to spread her unique brand of sarcasm ( but when she says she loves the show…she really means it…really). A brief discussion is had about strange fetishes we all share, and once again the topic of conversation turns directly to Clark’s obscene online dating habits. This time we’re prepared and we’re able to provide so much additional information for all of you freaks out there who are sick of the typical online dating scene that you’d be a huge doofus to skip past this episode!

And what better a time to discuss toe sucking in an episode,than moments before THIS bizarre story surfaces across the internet. Beejoli Shah, at least one of us on the show feel your pain, and embarrassment…and one of us may be extremely jealous of Mr. Tarantino’s accomplishment.

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Arnold and Egon have come together to complete their most coherent podcast yet! We dive right into discussing Q? entertainment and what they have to offer the world of hardcore and casual gaming (and party monsters to boot!). With the recent release of Child Of Eden, we go back in time to discover more about Rez HD, Lumines, and Meteos. Some surprise guests swing by from Sesame Street and we have a pleasant song taking us out. If you only have a few minutes, definitely catch the last ten or fifteen minutes of this one as it has the most organized segment we’ve done!

Expect more of this caliber, and a trimmed down version to download and share! If you like classic arcade games, we’ll be rolling out more stuff for you folks as well!

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Well folks, here we have it, the follow up episode to our E3 predictions from last week. Were we disappointed? I guess you’ll have to listen to find out!

Egon let loose on this episode, and we find out exactly how little Arnold actually cares about hardcore gamers. If you like metaphorical references to male genitalia, then this episode is going to exceed your monthly quota! (next time we promise to drink less wine and drambuie so our incoherent conversations will eventually become coherent)

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E3 Spoilers, the podcast!

Arnold Benedict and his friend Egon Usufruct have gotten some insider information from the upcoming E3 conference and are reporting straight from Los Angeles to your ears giving it all away…FOR FREE!!! Find out everything you want to know about the upcoming E3 conference 2011, and if you need an opinion about something, they’ve got one for you! Quote anything they say at a party and you’ll be the talk of the town! You’re in for a real treat with this podcast, and you’ll have everything you need to know pre-E3!

We’ll be back for a post E3 wrap-up, and we’ve got more stuff coming through the pipeline…so keep your ear to the ground and bookmark us!