Pornchestra – Arnold Benedict’s Internet Freakshow [NSFW]

Have you ever….nevermind, just watch it [NSFW] [full entry]

Arnold Benedict’s Internet Freakshow

I have had this idea for some time, including links to strange and funny things i find from around the internet. Today is the moment i decide to implement it. This clip isn’t even representative of the types of content I intend to display in the future, but it was just too good to pass up (and it helps that it’s origin is from my alma mater). Introducing Arnold Benedict’s Internet Freakshow:

Those retro tv’s are hard to come by. Think about how much Freshman ass he’s gonna get when he hooks that vintage PS1 up to this sucker!

Stay tuned for more stuff from me and people i know!

Arnold And Egon’s Generic Podcast Ep. 5

Since it’s invention, has been all about REinvention. The wheel, sliced bread, all of those things you never thought you needed a new solution for – and podcasts are no exception.

Arnold and Egon began this podcast with video games, mainly because Egon knows a heck of a lot about video games, and Arnold, well, Arnold likes to play Egon’s new shiny video games. They have found that limiting the podcast to ”talkin’ ’bout video games” just isn’t enough to squeeze into their time slot, so they’ve decided to expand their repertoire beyond the tiny universes they find themselves stuck inside when they should be doing something important, to something everyone can relate to: anything.

That’s right, we have embarked on the challenging mission to bring you a weekly(ish) podcast about ANYTHING. Now, don’t be surprised if we still cover video games and things like video games (we still don’t have hobbies), we’re still going to tie it all back around, we just don’t want to be misleading by saying ‘this thing is about video games, when it isn’t about video games’ (and we KNOW how nerds can be about their specifics). We were still toying with the subtle irony of having a show called ‘talkin’ video games’ and ignore the subject completely, but we didn’t think our pants were tight enough for that (a dig at the tight pant hipster crowd, you heard me!).

So, here it is, a podcast that starts off about stories, and ends with video games and name calling. The perfect remedy for a boring afternoon.

we’re toying with format too, so don’t get too hung up on this. We’re slimming down and streamlining our outfit. Expect more awesome, and less ‘uh’s’ and ‘umms’

Have fun.


How To Read A Captcha

I think you’re reading that right. And downinthewell does not approve.

A Guest Column – I hate my friends

A Guest Column about summer love by A.N. Owen:

After college I rented a house with three of my buddies and we proceeded to pass the next two years in a drunken, drug induced haze….needless to say, it was lots of fun…anyway..

on one particular night, the usual drinking and merry making had occurred and i found myself entertaining a certain lady friend. Things were progressing nicely, as things tend to do when fueled by my boozy charm and rugged good looks; until i realized that, if the evening was going to progress the way i would like it to, i was lacking the proper……..let’s say “attire”.

Now, despite the seemingly endless list of disgusting habits that one is bound to witness while living in a house with three other twenty-something males, there is one tried and true rule that will never fail you [full entry]