Happy Holidays from Downinthewell.com

Poor frog, croaked.

See what i did there? Holiday relevant pun.

How I Thought It Should Have Gone – Rebel Without A Cause

I have been trying to get back into animating little shorts – and this is a great idea i had months ago – and then over a few weeks time (minutes a day), i was able to cobble together a fragment of what my original concept was.

Please enjoy it responsibly – comment and critique. This is the first step towards a more consistent production strategy i’ve been looking to roll out. Look for more in the new year…this years done and gone anyways.

Turn up you volume, my audio mix is low.

I really just thought about it….but is this too soon? Because i didn’t mean for it to be in as poor taste as it appears it is. Unless that’s what makes it awesome.

Special note – James Dean as Cutler Face.

Pout Pout Pretty Boy

Proud To Be A Bear

Kim Jong Il Dead : Korea Refuses To Disarm – An ArnoldBenedict Original Cartoon

Some years back America (the good guys) demanded the disarmament of North Korea (the bad guys). This was my interpretation of that scenario at the time. My how times have changed.

Bored In L.A. – Jeffrey Lewis Gets A High Five

Everyone gets bored (even in the City of Angels). These helpful tips will help you pull yourself out of the doldrums and give you something to talk about next time you’re hanging around other people with ‘nothing to do’.

Have you ever been to the Pehr Space? It’s a fun little venue that hosts bands you’ve probably never heard of (If you’re looking for hipster street cred…this is a great place to start). Don’t be nervous about being unfamiliar with the music, nobody in attendance is singing along anyways (or displaying any indication that anyone is even enjoying themselves really – a lot of crossed arms and emotionless faces…pretty, emotionless faces). I’m sure if you poke around enough, you’ll find a similar venue in your home town (go ahead and respond with your local music venue, so if i’m ever in your neck of the woods i can be sure to not check it out…or check it out – one of those things).

What’s cool about these types of places is, not only can you bring your own beer, you can actually talk to the performers once they’re finished (congratulations or shit talking alike) – and if you really appreciate what they’ve offered you, go ahead and give them a high five! (this is the polite way of saying ‘thanks a lot, your music really moved me – i’ll totally download it when i get home)

For your listening pleasure – check out Jeffrey Lewis playing a fun song for you at the Pehr Space – and then an example of tearing down the walls separating performer and admirer by obnoxiously forcing them into repeated high fives.

More footage of this show will be uploaded later if it’s warranted.

Stay tuned – i get bored all the time – and so do you.

Alien Child Squirms Inside The Birth Canal – Arnold Benedict’s Internet Freakshow

While we’re on the subject of infant related updates. Here is another creepy instance of human pregnancy.

Did anyone else know that this happens? I’ve heard of a baby kicking while in the womb, but attempt to burst out through the belly button!? Too many Sigourney Weaver Alien references can be made here, so i’ll leave it at none.

Order the soup.

Check please!