The Great Pumpkin Fiasco – or – I enjoyed doing a job once

If you are fortunate enough to enjoy your job – consider yourself very lucky – you chose right, you won the lottery of life. For the rest of us, tiny victories are what we hold on to.

This is a video me and a friend worked on about six years ago – and i’ve finally remembered it’s relevance.

Note to self: do more stuff like this.

Scare Prank

Scare pranks are all the rage (and pretty silly if you ask me) – so i decided to jump on board the bandwagon and take advantage of an innocent young ladies skittishness (and trust) just for kicks. Putting a mummy in your backseat may, possibly, be a great idea. Try it, it’s as dumb as it sounds!

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Binders FULL of Women – Mitt Romney’s Secret Stash

I was committing some recreational trespassing a few years ago in Signal Hill, CA at some old (refinery?) building. This photo was the first thing i thought about as i heard Mitt Romney’s statement about binders full of women – and my contribution to the internet’s memery.

Found 'em


That is all. Have fun

Dumb Step – Duck Farts For The Woman Who Has Everything – Arnold Benedict’s Internet Freak Show

I wish this was scathing social satire (and who knows, maybe it accidentally is) – but, it’s not (no, really, it isn’t). It IS, however, about as funny as i imagined it would be. I haven’t done much work on the Freak Show lately, and decided it was probably time to continue putting it back into the GoogleSphere. Enjoy.

Note: i did not film this video, design those shoes, or force that young woman to wear them. If i had – you could then herald me as a genius. Sadly, all i did was add duck farts. Grovel at my backwards feet, peasants!


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Weirdo Magazine – Issue #5

A coworker of mine heard that i have absolutely no sense of humor, terrible taste in reading material, no content to post on my website, and a keen interest in the preservation of history that nobody – past or present – even cares about. She was correct. And so i present to you my contribution to what could end up being an important addition to the Library Of Congress digital periodicals archive.