Craig T Nelson Variety Hour Ep. 6 – A Eulogy

This is the final installment of our first ‘season’ of a short sketch show series. Easily the icing on the proverbial sketch video cake. There is still time to catch up on the five previous, completely unrelated episodes, and subscribe to the channel on YouTube. There will continue to be updates until we hate each other and quit producing. We’ve got a few more weeks of content and some special bonus items in the can that i probably will neglect to post here, but can be seen on the youtube channel or


tell me what you think in the comments, on YouTube, or on twitter @downinthewell

Craig T Nelson Mandela Variety Hour Ep. 5 – How to remain undetected in the bathroom

This episode is fun, and educational. High art, meets a toilet, and another toilet, and another toilet.

The first time i ever identified someone by their shoes was during a game of ‘Heads Up, Seven Up!’ in third grade. I never forgot that trick.

if you meet me in real life – just remember – I know you by your shoes.


Craig T Nelson Mandela Variety Hour – Ep. 4

I’ve neglected my posts lately. Something about things getting in the way of doing anything interesting. Ahh, the things we’ll do for some cash, and health insurance. Hope you enjoy it – we’re winding down ‘season 1’ (i.e. the number of episodes we promised to hit before we all went ‘stand by me’ and disappeared into the mist of existence) and have two more episodes to share after this one.

enjoy – let us know what you’re thinking, we can only read the minds of children and animals.

CTNMVH Ep. 3 – Bacon Kobe Bryant Cheeseburger

Another week goes by, and another episode of the Craig T. Nelson Variety Hour comes out. A few more weeks will go by, and they will all be distant memories. Live in the now, and watch this on repeat. There are some real gems here, throwbacks to times long forgotten. Let us know what you think on twitter @CTNMVH or by leaving a comment on on the video itself (or you can send an email to and i can politely forward it to the gang on your behalf)