Animation Reel – 2013

I don’t know if this should be considered my reel for 2014, or my reel up to 2014. As i’ve never really created a reel before, these are the issues i face.

So – check it out, most of this stuff is familiar if you are aware of my work. If not – you can check out more of this stuff at or

Benjamin Crutcher – Animation Reel 2013 – Stop Motion and 2d from arnold benedict on Vimeo.

The music used is from one of my favorite bands The Underground Railroad To Candyland – and you can hear the song on track 13 of the album that is linked. If you like it, support them by buying something! They’re a bunch of cool dudes with habits to support.

And so am I! – if you know of anyone looking to collaborate on something like you see above – and understand my relative skill level (willing to learn for food) – hit me up and we’ll talk