DOOM! Your Science Fiction Outlook.

I am a Star Trek guy. Beyond that I am a Next Generation Star Trek guy. I enjoy STNG because all in all Star Trek has a progressive outlook of the future. Humans Can travel great times in space and they live peacefully with many alien species. The set treaties with the barbarous Klingon, and they even make one of these giant monkey people head of security on their Flagship. The goal of the Enterprise was to “seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before.” They were on a mission, across the galaxy to simply to explore. They have no economy, machines simply provide every necessity, their only politics is among their “federation of planets”, a broad based electorate.

I think that’s neat futurism. And the last episode of Star Trek the Next was in 1994.

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Did I see Homeless Carl Weathers On The Train?

Carl Weathers, more commonly known as Apollo Creed to anyone who has seen a Rocky movie, is alive and homeless in Los Angeles. Dispelling all rumors and myths about him being either

A) successful


B) dead.

My reasoning behind this assumption is based on the rock solid evidence of ‘I think I saw him
on the train this morning’.

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Is Palin in charge of the GOP

Is Palin in charge of the “GOP”

Since the end of the election Palin has attained much more of the loosing ticket spotlight than the senator who headed the ticket. After all McCain does not need to be relevant anymore, his opportunity is spent and at his advanced age the hope of a 2016 race is nothing short of outlandish. Palin, in the wake of McCain’s defeat, has seen an opportunity define the party according to her persona. An average of 8 national articles about her have surfaced about her every day since election day. Obama has exceeded her average but his news out of his camp has been mired in the Blagojevich indictment. Palin however has had garnered a news cycle, that in terms of her, has anointed her to as the new head of the Republican Party.

The question “Is she the new head of the Republican Party” is rhetorical. She is, for now, simply because no one else in the GOP has been dynamic enough on the national scene to have that question asked of them. “I’m the new energy, the new face, the new ideas” Palin stated at the debate in September. She certainly is not “the new ideas” of the Republican party, but she definitely has come far enough from oblivion to represent “the new face”. Similar to Obama, she has the opportunity to greatly benefit from her lack of experience in federal politics.

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Retro Video Game Reviews #1

“Wrestling’s Video Game Heyday” When bald Jews wrestled old men.

Professional wrestling. A bizarre exhibition of steroid crazy freaks who pummel each other that isn’t football. Which is really all it’s worth, an alternative to football that seems even more brutal. It bridges the societal gap between organized sport and coliseum orgy bloodbath. For those of you who still pay attention to wrestling, please be under sixteen. If not then I implore you to read this article even though the big words scare you.

Wrestling was neat ten years ago, when you didn’t care who Hulk Hogan’s kids were and Chris Benoit’s wife still had her face. This was the twilight of the 80’s generation of wrestlers, greats like Macho Man Randy Savage, Lex Luger and Bret Hart, but it coincided with a new golden age of wrestlers like Steve Austin, The Rock , the Giant and Sting. All lot of talent at one time organizedinto two distinct organizations: the WCW and the WWF.

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The Death Leaper Cartoon

Downinthewell’s Summer Action Flick; The tale of the “Death Leaper” the super hero without morals.