Is Palin in charge of the GOP

Is Palin in charge of the “GOP”

Since the end of the election Palin has attained much more of the loosing ticket spotlight than the senator who headed the ticket. After all McCain does not need to be relevant anymore, his opportunity is spent and at his advanced age the hope of a 2016 race is nothing short of outlandish. Palin, in the wake of McCain’s defeat, has seen an opportunity define the party according to her persona. An average of 8 national articles about her have surfaced about her every day since election day. Obama has exceeded her average but his news out of his camp has been mired in the Blagojevich indictment. Palin however has had garnered a news cycle, that in terms of her, has anointed her to as the new head of the Republican Party.

The question “Is she the new head of the Republican Party” is rhetorical. She is, for now, simply because no one else in the GOP has been dynamic enough on the national scene to have that question asked of them. “I’m the new energy, the new face, the new ideas” Palin stated at the debate in September. She certainly is not “the new ideas” of the Republican party, but she definitely has come far enough from oblivion to represent “the new face”. Similar to Obama, she has the opportunity to greatly benefit from her lack of experience in federal politics.

At this point in American politics, politicians face a slew of national problems, stemming from the war and invading the economy. Obama came out of the state senate in 2004, a presidential election year. His party would loose the presidency, but he would win his federal senate seat by attacking the president on the national stage. Obama defined his presidential campaign in 2004 at the Democratic National Convention. He had a national soapbox to define himself as anti-Bush. Bush would win in 2004, but Obama would have four years to talk about how he was right about George W. Bush. He also was in the state senate during the vote authorizing the invasion of Iraq, therefore he had avoided a huge Democratic pitfall; being against a war you voted for.

Palin has all the same advantages as Obama and more. There is a gigantic Obama backlash brewing from all sides. His cabinet positions have been far more hawkish than the left assumed. The economy will not be an easy fix, but the public is expecting one. And of course there is the 48% of the electorate that did not vote for him. Any catastrophe, especially one similar to Biden’s prediction “Mark my words. It will not be six months before the world tests Barack Obama like they did John Kennedy” could spark a media firestorm against the President Obama.

Who better to spend four years in charge of the “anti-Obama” wing of the electorate. As governor she would be outside federal legislation, but her immense national profile (created by her VP run) would her allow her to comment on the decisions of a Democratic House, Senate, and Presidency.

And she certain has “the new energy” to fill the shoes of Democratic counter point. The woman has an instinctual political ability. Palin may have been attacked for sabotaging the McCain campaign, but “more maverick than the maverick” approached distance herself from a doomed candidate. She was the ultimate victor in a loosing campaign, and much of that was by her design. Now she simply has to keep up with fluff stories like “Palin’s daughter’s boyfriend’s mother arrested on drug charges”. No publicity is bad publicity right? How perfect is that story as compared to Obama’s seat being up for sale? Palin gets an opportunity to say that drugs are bad, and people will believe her and she’ll still be the woman who houses her daughter and granddaughter. “Drugs are bad,luckily I am a wonderful success as compared to this old junkie lady”.

The fact is the only way Palin is going out of the spotlight is if national problems exceed her depth. Is the economy continues to worsen a Republican in federal politics will supercede her as the “New face, New energy,” and “New Ideas”. Palin has old ideas, she is a christian, a social conservative and a fiscal conservative. She is the ad campaign the republicans have been running for forty years, and she is smart to take that voter base. The base of republican voters who are concerned with Homosexual rights, Abortion, low taxes and winning the war in Iraq will be more than willing step in line behind her in a primary cycle. The fiscal conservative wing, closer to the middle on social rights, closer to the middle on the war, will want someone with experience. The national crisis that creates a power vacuum has already arrived.

The economy is in shambles and fiscal republicans will step up. Try as she may, Palin does not have near the scope of power to change economic legislation. She can hope either the economy remains bleeding or all legislation completely fails from both parties.

One thing is for sure, people will want to keep her relevant until 2016, I mean I am even writing about her.

And im still thinking about her when i do dirty things in the shower!

or is that Tina Fey?