I’ve got fleas!

And by ‘I’ve got fleas’ I really mean ‘my cat has fleas’ which in the end, that means ‘I have fleas’.

They itch. They won’t go away. They’re driving me insane.

A combination of Advantage [frontline? i don’t want to improperly scandalize the wrong product here, amendments will be made if necessary] and Hartz Flea& Tick Spray for Carpets And Upholstry have failed to destroy the booming population. I’m being invaded and I’m beginning to think there is no way out of this. Tell all the girls I’ve loved [not many, so this should be really easy] that ‘just because I don’t call doesn’t mean I don’t care’…and casually mention to my boss through IM that I probably won’t be in next week, or, ever.

I can’t help but think that this is my cat’s revenge for having his balls removed.

What To Do

I know! More HarePye!

I though that as I did more of these, I would take more time [and after having a brief conversation about ‘re-drawing’ stuff if it’s not turning out right] and effort with these drawings..and even maybe even scrapping them and re-drawing if it isn’t turning out right…well…i haven’t. In fact, I think I’m actually spending LESS time on these than I was when I first started..well…I’ll try and change that..but I don’t really find myself with tons of extra time nowadays…i barely have enough time to sit around and watch infomercials on my couch while i eat ice cream for a few hours after work.

So, I know I have a ‘concert review’ and maybe a ‘video’ to go along with it…but…it isn’t looking good. So, for now, enjoy the stuff you get:


Arnold Benedict’s Going To Mars!!!


Thanks NASA!

If you want to have an exciting afternoon just like I did and get your name put on some microchip and blasted into space…go here

HarePye PLUS!

So this weeks collection of HarePye comics comes with more than just an interesting twist…it comes with sentiment!

VictaG [who by the way makes this entire site possible..and by possible i mean ‘work’] will celebrate another year on this beautiful bouncing kickball…so…you know…if you see him, buy him a drink…and not just today or this weekend, ANYTIME! I assure you he won’t turn it down.



Another Slow Week

Oh the baby! It’s been another slow week for making things on the internets (which ironically means it’s been a less than slow week for doing other stuff…which in this case, wasn’t very cool).

We have a collective of bums (er…street people? vagrants? umm…i don’t know what’s necessarily PC anymore) living in the garage behind our apartment. Now, TECHNICALLY these aren’t our garages, but we do use them occasionally to park while experiencing ultimate parking failure out there on the streets of Long Beach. So, it’s a minor inconvenience – and a MAJOR annoyance (I can’t actually figure out what part about it annoys me specifically…just kinda the whole idea strikes a nerve or three).

So…what’s more bum like than a couple more HarePye Plus comics eh!?:


and another since we’ve been slacking: