What To Do

I know! More HarePye!

I though that as I did more of these, I would take more time [and after having a brief conversation about ‘re-drawing’ stuff if it’s not turning out right] and effort with these drawings..and even maybe even scrapping them and re-drawing if it isn’t turning out right…well…i haven’t. In fact, I think I’m actually spending LESS time on these than I was when I first started..well…I’ll try and change that..but I don’t really find myself with tons of extra time nowadays…i barely have enough time to sit around and watch infomercials on my couch while i eat ice cream for a few hours after work.

So, I know I have a ‘concert review’ and maybe a ‘video’ to go along with it…but…it isn’t looking good. So, for now, enjoy the stuff you get:


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