A Religious Experience

This weekend I had the pleasure of religious epiphany at the farmers market. A ‘vision’ of sorts. This was no virgin Mary in my stool sample or a crucifixion scene in my corn flakes. I bore witness to the creator, the almighty, the [full entry]

Is California Part Of America?

Part 1, The Drive

So many things are referred to as “Quintessentially American”. As a Illinoisan, these references have always seemed to be centered around middle America. Mom’s apple pie, baseball in the park, picnic’s on the fourth of July always held a homespun rural feel to me.

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What I found when I went into the basement…

Sorry for the blackout. The downinthewell staff has been up to no good the past few weeks and were unable to update/pay hosting fees. But we’re back!!! And not a moment too soon!

I live in a four-plex, and our apartment is the only one that is currently occupied [and has been for quite some time now] making us the only tenants on the property. So needless to say, a whole lot of debauchery goes on unnoticed.

I found the keys to the basement the other day and became curious as to what may have been down there…well….here is a short photo tour of what I found:

Enter The Dungeon: [full entry]

The Perfect Gift.

This post is here to help answer that age old question of ‘What’s a good “thank you” for someone who has been a major help at work?”, and here are some suggestions:


We agree.