What I found when I went into the basement…

Sorry for the blackout. The downinthewell staff has been up to no good the past few weeks and were unable to update/pay hosting fees. But we’re back!!! And not a moment too soon!

I live in a four-plex, and our apartment is the only one that is currently occupied [and has been for quite some time now] making us the only tenants on the property. So needless to say, a whole lot of debauchery goes on unnoticed.

I found the keys to the basement the other day and became curious as to what may have been down there…well….here is a short photo tour of what I found:

Enter The Dungeon:


I followed that extension chord down there, it was plugged into the neighbors outlet. This already looks like the kind of place where dolls eyes are removed and replaced with buttons…er wait…people eyes!

The Tools:


Pretty standard maiming and slicing tools…there were some additional rusty scissors and shears on a shelf above, but I must have been too scared to muster up the courage to snap a pic [although, judging by the zero maintenance that is done on the dirt farm we consider a courtyard – i immediately realized that nobody within yelling distance would even know how to use one of these stupid things -i thank the lazy california youth daily for providing me with that peace of mind]

Everything has been ‘typical creepy basement’ with the cobwebs and etc…until I found these on the work bench next to the ‘no trespassing’ signs and lawn chemicals:




But, something evil MUST be lurking somewhere in the shadows right? RIGHT!? I mean, we didn’t come all this way to see a bunch of plastic bags [which i will most definitely be storing meat in and tossing out to the curb come garbage day] and some crummy old flower pots. Come on! Bring on the creepy spooky monsters!

Beware the MummRat! The Piece De Resistance [Hell yeah i said it!]:



‘SO WHAT’ you say!? It’s a goddammed rat mummy! It lives in our basement!

Fine, whatever, YOU go down there and pry it’s petrified little face out of that trap.

Forget you.

mmmmmmmmmm i wanna bite into that rat! Protein!!

GROSS. GROSS, GROSS, GROSS. How long does it take to mummify a rat?

ew, i am glad i did NOT go down to that basement