‘Top Ten Songs That Offer More Bang For Your Buck’ or ‘How To Bully A Jukebox On A Budget’

The scene is the same every time, you get off work after a long day of email correspondence or hole digging and you finally get the opportunity to belly up to the bar with the finest of assorted beverages. You take a glance around the bar and notice a similar crew of people. All is well….until you hear that sound….you know the one….that tell tale ‘ooga ooga ooga ooga’ of Bon Jovi’s mother fucking ‘Livin’ on A Prayer’ and before you’re able to seek out a fork for which to stab out your own ear drums, you see that obnoxious girl slip another five bucks into that machine and hits ‘AA-31′ and you know that’s a Pink song…..you don’t know which one, and you don’t care…you just know you’re going to hear it over, and over, and OVER again and it’s going to be a LONG night.

There’s an easy way around all of this aural punishment, and that’s simply a good ol’ fashioned jukebox bully.

What’s a jukebox bully you ask?

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Glee, Saved By The Bell, and Some Other Sexy Somethings On TV.

‘The hottest High School Teenagers Played By Twenty Somethings’ or ‘Which Fake Band Had The Most Potential?’

With the second season of Glee kicking off with a complete resetting of the clocks [Quinn has baby – is now captain of the cheerios, Sue and Mr. Schuester still hate each other (but are conveniently provided another antagonist which will afford them so many opportunities to team up), Rachel is still totally hot (but still a total bitch), and that kid in a wheelchair is…well…still in a wheelchair.]

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