For all of your holiday pleasure…Behold The Humpbug!

An animation I created for a while back. I’ve gotten way less productive since then, as you may have noticed. But if you’d like to make me less productive go ahead and contact me at

The Meme

Sometimes when i get really motivated i’m able to help add to the entertainment of others. This is a short that i contributed a fragment of energy to that you might enjoy, produced by Neumann81 [if you’d like to check out more of his stuff go here NEUMANN81’S YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Behold the epic spit take!

Note to self: when your already camera shy cat is cooperating with you on camera…don’t spit water in his face.

11 Days Til Christmas – Classic Song Interpretations

Well, I sure am glad the Beach Boys exist. Cuz…Santa really is a bad ass if you think about it.

holy fuck yeah!!!little saint nick – the beach boys

Santa likes to haul ass!!! He’s not up at the north pole stuffing his fat face with cookies and candy canes! He’s pumping some fucking iron and listening to motorhead! He’s got a badass tat on his right bicep of Mrs. Claus in a bikini and he struts around his place in a leather jacket with the words ‘happy hell-idays ‘ embroidered on the back. Santa doesn’t putz around in a converted Portland cutter from the Moline Plow Co., he’s got a ’58 Ford big block jacked up on a solid gold Mandt oscillator frame! ‘Rudolph’ is the NOz canisters he’s got in the back to give it a little juice when he’s feeling sleepy at the wheel.

Screw your milk and cookies, you’re lucky Santa doesn’t burn your goddamn house down!

12 Days Til Christmas – Classic Song Interpretations

I always felt this song needed a little further understanding and explanation. So here it is.

12 Days Of Christmas – John Denver with The Muppets

A breakdown of why these twelve gifts would either rock…or suck:

12. Drummers Drumming : Animal, Buddy Rich, Neil Peart, Stewart Copeland, John Bonham, Mick Fleetwood, Ralph Humphrey, Jeff Porcaro, Terry Bozzio, Keith Moon, Dave Grohl, and Tommy Lee (yeah, that’s right, Tommy Emmin Effin Lee!) are in a room beatin on shit…and you’re going to tell me that isn’t badass!? that gift will totally rock!

11. Pipers Piping: Bagpipes are great and all…and i’m sure they’re appropriate at a funeral or on stage during a Flogging Molly concert…and I know at times they can rock…but on christmas morning, you’re not going to want a pot of boiled haggis and Seamus McClerry [full entry]

13 Days Til Christmas – Classic Song Interpretations

Oh, the life of a lonely has been. The holidays come and go so quickly these days it’s hard to believe they even exist at all. This classic sung by Elvis Presley has such a more melancholy twist to it when you consider exactly where it was coming from…heart break and desperation in the digital age. Enjoy!

blue christmas – elvis presley

RE: leave me alone brendan

Hey Stephanie,

I know it’s been awhile since we last talked, but I wanted to see if you were still planning on coming over for Christmas eve. I’ve got the house decorated just the way you liked it in the past. In fact, it hasn’t changed much since you left. I hadn’t realized how much of the cleaning you did when you were around here and really just noticed the dust that’s been collecting on the makeup bag you kept in my bathroom, so it’s probably ruined. It’s ok though, I think Santa is planning on sneaking a new one under the tree this year (wink wink) LOL… [full entry]