Ben And Clark Cast Ep. 2 – Chaos Erupts … Sort Of

Ben and Clark are back for episode number 2 of that long anticipated podcast, with a very special guest Clint James who provides us with a little perspective about how much our lives may seem awful, but really aren’t that bad. The very mention of trouble in Egypt and everything goes straight to hell, while we learn not to answer cell phone calls on the air – even though they’re important, and Ben sounds like a tiny man is constricting his every breath during the entire length of the episode due to recent illness…he promises to do better next time.

We got some great feedback from the last episode, keep downloading, streaming, and sharing. We’re looking to really ramp up our pre-production for the upcoming episodes and want to hear back from you! Leave a comment or questions in the comment section below, or send us an email at

Tell you friends, or uncle! Thanks for sticking around!

Thanks guys, for entertaining me all the way up in the Great White penny-free North. I had just enough internet time to listen to it.

:) kj