Ben And Clark Cast Ep. 1 – Back on the airwaves!

Your favorite host and special guest from Mummrat season one have teamed up to bring you ‘ presents: podcasting season 2: Ben and Clark Cast!’. Join us on our maiden voyage into internet radio doomdom. The Titanic of Pod Casts!

Give it a listen, provide us with some feedback. It’s new, give us a break!

You guys suck, especially that Klarkbarmotherfucker.

Naw just kidding. Ben’s radio voice is golden. Audio quality recommendations: use some pop screens on your mics if you’re not already, and try to work out some volume level balancing because Clark is coming out a little hotter than Ben on my end. Use some compression too because the dynamic variance of your voices is enough to be a little distracting (Clark is going to start thinking I’m a compression nazi…). The music to dialogue ratio is a little unfriendly too in terms of volume.

Oops… did NOT know that posted live on the website. Feel free to moderate the crap out of it.


can’t wait to watch videos

great podcast…first one ive listened too and didnt think i was about to listen to one clicking the link on nothingtoxic, but im happy i did. Living in las vegas there is no good talk radio like there was in florida,(just rush, sean hannity and some other bs) but you have definitely turned me on to something new and you should post a link on nothingtoxic when a new one comes up or when you have a bunch of podcast, make a seperate portion on the site and have them listed (ie. fights, sexy, funny, so on.) Very relatable and enjoyed the randomness of each topic and like how it stayed on course and i LOVED how u dont go on and on for an hour about the same topic(kept it interesting)


Clark, I love you. You’ll be pleased to hear that I did my best to stifle my laughs and keep my pokerface while listening. I know you always liked that.
Seriously though, this stuff is hilarious. Please keep them coming. I’ll be an avid follower. You fellas are awesome. You never fail to crack me up, Clark. I just try to hide it, especially in front of you. I hope you make another one soon!