Ben & Clark Cast Ep. 3!

After weeks of recuperation Ben and Clark were finally able to pull themselves out of their stupor and manage to record another show for your listening pleasure! Indulge them as they discuss the differences between their ‘Type A’ and ‘Type B’ personalities, and how getting hit in the face can be a serious rush! Clint James is back on the mic with us, and we’re glad to have a voice of reason thrown into the mix as he appears to make the most sense out of anyone in the room. Charlie Sheen has been going off his rocker as of late, and we include a ton of clips and expert commentary on his entire meltdown in the later half of the show. Our janky little radio setup has caused an issue late into the show where it quits recording and we’re forced to continue the show as if it never happened [you’ll never know, we swear!], and beers are drank. Strap in, learn more about wrestling and bad decisions in this riveting third episode.

Oh yeah, and Ben issues a challenge to Alex Jones of Prison Planet Radio. We insist someone sets this up!


Cool guys! I have not terribly unintentionally been out of touch with the whole Charlie Sheen news lately, so I appreciate you guys condensing it for me and breaking down the absurdity. Clark, I can’t remember if I ever told you this, but did you know I was actually related to Sheen once? He was briefly married to my second cousin some years back. No joke!

Oh yeah, I remember that now! Dammit we should have had you on the phone to comment!

second show..was ok didnt have the structured flowed if u know what i mean….you guys were nice buzzed to create your best show so far with this one though… the word stumbles were hilarious…good job…i feel like a english teacher

Thanks for following the show! We’re rolling out a new one this weekend so be sure to check it out…hopefully with more sexy ladies!

and i’ll start drinking now just to make sure i’m in the right state of mind!