For All Fans Of Ron Artest And Rock And Roll

I was thinking this morning about how much of a badass ron artest is, and it reminded me of this band ‘prizzy prizzy please’ that wrote a song about his antics in detroit when he played for the pacers…well…after some diligent googling i was able to find a copy of the song posted online…so check this out and pray he punches someone in the crowd before their series is over!

the song is ‘indefinite suspension’ off the album ‘whales are the biggest fish’. Check out their other stuff while you’re at it, and invite them to play in a basement near you! I’m sure they’ll appreciate it.

So while we had nothing to do with Ron Artest punching people, or the writing and performing of this song…after hearing that band play to the point you are inspired come up with an elaborate screen play in order to steal a case of stag out of a bar fridge after they tell you ‘they’re out of it’ so you buy some beers that aren’t a dollar and pass out in front lawns…well…you kind of feel like you had something to do with it.


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