MummRat Radio Ep. 13!

shark-anatomyep13Lucky or not, number 13 is in the can! Like it or not, we’ve put out another show ON TIME!

In this weeks show we regale you with our good times at bars that resulted in blatant disregard for decency with some thievery peppered in, we find out Brad has never seen the classic film from our childhood ‘Willow’, re-discover our lack of respect for each other, create new reality television, weigh in on [and forget many] new hosts for classic game shows, and we even discuss duck genitals for good measure…oh yeah and we leave you with another awful visit from Mr. Tom leykis.

We feature three songs from the band ‘Prizzy Prizzy Please’ around 50 min, 90 min, and right at the very end if you’d like to scan through.

Clink, Drink, and Think…it’s all here for ya.

Oh yeah…some links i think you might enjoy:

Because of the megalodon…seriously..see this movie!

And…for the faint of heart….a duck erection:

Eversion in air: from from Carl Zimmer on Vimeo.

Thanks a lot…See ya’ll next week!


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