MummRat Radio Ep. 22!

Mummrats! We are back again with another fantastic pre-recorded show where we tackle anything and everything…as long as it happened to us or we can find it on the internet! A very special listener appreciation episode where our content is mostly generated by questions asked by you! That’s right, YOU, the listeners!

Let me first begin by saying, we are paid a special visit again by Mr. CT -Carvell Talley – our very first and very special return visitor to the mummrat entertainment radio program. We will be hearing more of him, and that alone should be enough for you to stick around!

But, if knowing that CT was back in the house ISN’T enough, maybe our riveting discussions about the mighty morphin power rangers, teenage mutant ninja turtles, and other eighties television shows is enough to entice you. Not yet? How about we get terribly offended by a Japanese game show where your main objective is to rape innocent women and dissect the ancient art of ‘sharking’? Maybe you can lick your chops as we hear some juicy juicy voice mail messages that were left on Brad’s phone in the past week from his ex girlfriends father! We also find out some sick perversions we all have regarding female cartoon characters.

It’s all here ladies and gentlemums…this is one of our best episodes yet, and they’re just going to get better. Listen along with us, and stick around so you can find out whether or not Ben follows through on his very own, very embarrassing, self inflicted challenge!

Peace, love, and axle grease!

Soul Shattering Clip Of The Week:

I had made two versions of that photo, so here we are photshopped onto turtle bodies….just for S and G’s:

ok… the comment form has a problem that I’ll address later.

Just wanted to let Brad know ‘Fringe’ is X-Files 2. There’s no direct links, but it’s the same concept…

Hey Victa G, does “Fringe” have fox mulder in it? No, Fringe just has your favorite man-crush joshua jackson. Everybody knows your opinions on him.

I don’t want X-files 2, just more x-files and less dawsons creek.

Sure I would fellatio Joshua Jackson if I had the chance. But Fringe is X-Files 2.0.

Government Agents working on secret and bizarre cases : check

Conspiracy theory : check

(even updated in scope. In X-Files the conspirators are an extra-quasi-government something-or-other, in Fringe, they are the advanced research division of a blue-chip company.)

Female lead, unconventionally attractive, with life long ties to the conspirators that she’s discovering : check

Aliens : check

(XFiles aliens are extraterrestrial, Fringe aliens are extrademensional, which plays very well to the developing sciences, the “fringe” sciences as it may be, of the time)

Dry humor, dead-pan wit and sarcasm: check

(Knock it all you want, but Jackson was a supporting role on Dawson’s Creek, and developed an amazing sense of delivery for comic relief in dramatic role)

A combination story line that provides for two episode-story-arc formats, one format which drives the underlying storyline, and the other which provides throw-away episodes that don’t drive the series storyline: check

How many episodes of X-Files did Leonard Nimoy do?

And Mulder was a one-demension character with zero depth.

If anything, thinking about it, X-Files has less in common with Fringe and is more like Lost. It’s pointlessly over-complicated. You’re supposed to watch it, not understand the gibberish, then feel smart. But the truth seems to be (for both XFiles and Lost), that the ‘mythology’ embedded in the show is without basis. It’s there to be cryptic, and the “meaning” will be (and is) written later to “flesh out” the story. Where lost seems to have a cohesive arc, and that the writers have a definite plot direction for.

Too lazy to edit a comment that nobody will read anyway, but in the last line of the previous comment, I meant “Fringe” in place of “Lost” re: cohesive story line…

RE: ‘The Truth Seems To Be…’

We all know about the truth here fellas….and…it’s out there