Mummrat Radio Ep. 3

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You’ve all been waiting so patiently for us to get our shit together, and today we decided to start. So here it is, a properly motivated episode three, which was decided to be a ‘quick one’ before the weekend – which, as you know, turned into a ‘moderately long one’ as per mummrat fashion. Much better sound quality on this one, and hopefully every one from here on out.

None of those sweet on the street segments we’ve been known for, but some very deep insight into whether or not my cat is better than a girlfriend, can a monkey dip?, and when isn’t Jay Cutler a whiny little bitch (we like ya Jay, just stiffen up that upper lip….and that lower one too whenever you get a chance!)

Oh yeah, and N-bombs…lots of em…ENJOY!

some supplemental material for kicks:

just watch all of this kids videos…they’re terrible

and some evidence of that pouty little Cutler:,CST-SPT-mully16.article