Mummrat Radio Ep. 5

supermariomantle copy

It’s that time of week again when we update the site with another fine episode of Mummrat Radio!!!

We pay our condolences to the late Capt. Lou Albano, Brood harder than we’ve ever brooded before, talk some well deserved smack about apples [the computer, not the fruit] [but now that i think about it, the fruit can go straight to hell too!], suggest holidays are given to people who always deserved them, and give so many spelling lessons you can’t help but misspell something…

And our buddy Rush Limbaugh drops by to give us yet another opinion of things.

We’d love to read some feedback or any show suggestions you may have, you know how to get at us or just leave some comments on this post!


A link to the video of the car splashing kids at a bus stop –

Hey Brad, Can you do this civic duty?
Call your girlfriend. That would be a nice gesture! Good show though. I think its the best one.

I can always point to north instinctively.

But I don’t know my left from right without doing the ‘L’ thing with my finger and thumb….

I am hoping for an in-depth analysis on Falcon aka “Balloon Boy” next episode!