Mummrat Radio Episode 7

night of the living mummrat

That’s right folks we really pulled out all the stops on this one. Ben and Brad talk about when foreclosure really hits home (or hits apartment complex). The guys discuss the results of the video game bracket, Bob Dylan’s Christmas album, Cuba, Palin and Birmingham Alabama’s 2020 Olympic bid. In the spirit of Halloween Mummrat investigates whether or not Zombie movies are for Hipsters, Metalheads, or just plain nerds, so enjoy it, its Night of the Living Mummrat Radio Show!

Oh by the by, this episode has no ending because we ran out of tape. If you make it the whole hour and forty five don’t be too upset at us for forgetting to say goodbye. Goodbye.

Oh and here is that crazy German broad’s soul shattering Zombie Vlog. German people are NUTS!!!

I’m going to start referring to myself on this site as Brad’s Sister, since I apparently have no name. Ha ha. Anyway. Here is my response to the zombie talk:

Interesting classification of zombie lovers–mostly metalheads and not hipsters. But it’s hard to distinguish hipsters from metalheads? Really? Was that a point that was made or did I just misinterpret that point (which is very possible). Hipsters = emo kids. Emo does not = metal. I think metalheads would beat the shit out of hipster kids and would probably steal their bicycles. Seriously.

Anyway. I also agree with the point about their not really forming a counter-culture anymore. It’s like “indie” music–so many people love that stuff that you can’t really say it’s “underground” any more. That said, if vampires are the Justin Timberlakes of the horror genre, than zombies are the Conor Obersts or Jenny Lewises of it. They are pretty popular, but not popular enough to hedge out those damn, tired vampires. (Yeah, I’m definitely not into the whole vampire thing.) There is a GREAT New Radicals lyric that typifies what you are talking about “Isn’t she pissed that all the other non-conformists listen to the same obscure bands” meaning, obviously, that you aren’t really all that different when everyone else who is trying to be different is doing exactly the same thing.

Back to zombies–one thing that I think you both are missing (and I think it is just becase you are disinterested in those movies and haven’t seen too many, which is totally fine) is that George Romero’s movies are SO MUCH MORE than about zombies. Zombies are the vehicle he uses for exploring the horrors that humans inflict upon each other. What happens in the first film? A group of strangers are holed up in a house for one night while the dead walk/live and try to eat them. But are the undead monsters really the worst characters in this film? Absolutely not. Look at what ensues–fighting between the survivors, parents protecting their child to the extent that she is a danger to them and others, and a man who survives the night of the living dead only to be shot and killed first thing in the morning by a band of rogue survivors/police (can’t remember–it has been a while) who don’t even bother to look before they shoot. The zombies can be eradicated–the live humans cannot.

Ok, this comment is getting long enough. Romero further explores these themes in Dawn, Day, and Land. Of all of these, Day of the Dead is my favorite. Definitely check out Night, but I would highly recommend Day too–you have people stuck in a bunker who are supposed to be studying the zombies. Pay attention to what they inflict on one another as well as the zombies (one in particular). It’s pretty amazing.

One last point (I promise)–terrorists have ideals and usually have some sort of reward waiting for them (in reality or in their minds) for doing what they want to do. The Terrorists v. “Us” theme usually defines a clear distinction between the good guys and the bad guys. Zombies very much blur that distinction. 28 Days Later totally exemplified this theme in a really amazing way. Again, the zombies become less threatening than the rogue army men who want to rape two women (one a young girl) in order to repopulate the earth. The virus is bad–but surviving it is worse. Isn’t that a much more interesting conflict than the easily decipherable good v. bad in terrorist-themed movies?

Also, I’m pretty sure you called me a hipster. WHAT? Seriously. How am I a hipster.

Love, Kim

PS Sarah Palin is horrendous.

Is that zombie the kid from Home Improvement? The littlest one?

The German girl is kinda cute in the fetal alcohol syndrome sense of the word…

That video makes me glad to be American, because I at least can understand our pop culture first-hand, and not through some sort of weird translation filter. I mean, look at what that sort of partial understanding has done to this poor special needs girl’s mind. She is planning to use an apple core and a piano to fight off zombies. See how mistranslated her understanding is.

And German doesn’t have a word for ‘softcore porno’? That’s telling… In Germany does it even count as sex if it doesn’t involve a torque wrench, the autobahn, and a swastika?