MummratRadio Ep. 10!

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You wanted it, you got it!!! A little later than we promised, but, we break promises…you’re just gonna have to get used to that.

This was a shorter one that we prepared – or rather, unprepared – out of desperation between moving out of apartments and fixing cars, but we tackle some real deep stuff here folks – Our professional wrestling persona’s, children getting tazered, dream jobs, and we learn plenty about flamingos in the second half…so stick around for this one there’s some real gems in there!

We aim to be back on schedule sometime in the near future, so keep checking back…cuz this shits gonna get regular



Actually, the vacuum in ‘The Brave Little Toaster’ is named and modeled after the actual brand Kirby. I worked for a Kirby dealer for 3 days and the one perk was that it was a smoker-friendly office (i.e. we could smoke at our callstations).

If we’re gonna talk about MySpace predating Facebook, MySpace was actually a blatant ripoff of a site that predated it was Friendster. And I think everybody would rather forget that MySpace ever happened.

I think my “first big internet moment” was reading about the OKC bombing like 20 minutes before the news (network TV at least) broke the story. My mom thought it was BS until the TV showed it.

The one thing that always bugs me is that bittorrent is basically seen as ‘the new napster’. Which bothers me because the technology that underpins bittorrent was not developed or intended to be used as a piracy medium, but it was rather intended to be used high volume distribution across a low bandwidth connection. Bittorrent != Piracy

Editors Note: I’m p. sure GBH is a (possibly date rape?) drug, BGH (bovine growth hormone) is in the milk.

I’m also sick of hearing about taser stories, cause the Chicago version of that story would have been four city cops hitting her with nightsticks… I’d rather be tase’d then nightstick’d any day of the week.