MummratRadio Ep. 12!

mummstopsign copyIt’s that time again kiddos! Hope Oh-Ten is serving y’all well, it’s been doing a number on the downinthewell crew believe that!

We’re back in action, and, in my humble opinion, this may be one of the best shows we’ve done [not to mention the longest! Stick through to the end people, the second half is definitely where it all comes together.]. We take care to shout out to a few important people, a special guest graces our presence, discuss the finer intricacies of vandalism [], indulge ourselves in the fantasy of a Russian bride [ – miss quoted about a hundred and thirty times as just ‘’…which to my knowledge will get you no bride of any kind], play and discuss one of our favorite bands The Hustlers [] and give them a ridiculous amount of air time, football predictions for the upcoming Superbowl, forget Roger Clemens name while discussing steroid abuse and whiny Mark McGwire….a whole lot of drunk near the end…whole lot of.

Remember, if you are using a mac be sure to download Firefox and listen to us through that…our interface is delusional and doesn’t recognize the existence of the Safari browser.

Tell your friends about the show…send us some of your music if you’re in a band and hear it on MummRat Radio! Download us! Stream us in your dorm rooms! Pipe us through the air ducts! DO IT!!!!

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Have a nice day


Brad’s concept of “what makes a good porno” is deeply flawed…

That is all…

1 girl, 200 cocks?

Sorry to be so slow at listening… but to answer your question.. The website is: