MummratRadio Ep. 17!

Another week has gone by and another episode has been put straight into the can, and by ‘can’ you can be guaranteed that I’m talking about the internet. This week we get re-acquainted with one of our teenage love affairs Britney Spears and some more of her gang of roving celebutantes, get real racist along with John Mayer and some CTA bus riders, discuss our nuclear strategies, rescue some bats, and get real into science fair projects.

We’ve included some video supplements to this episode so you can have some visual reference to go along with the audio. Our Mummrat ‘Coming of age’ theory is in full effect and you will definitely notice some changes in the next few weeks…we may be getting more awkward, and might begin having special feelings deep inside..but don’t worry, that’s all completely natural.

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Enjoy kiddos!




Once again, I found myself laughing out loud listenin to you guys! I was even sober this time around…laughing out loud at work (the Brad vs. 5000 pics really cracked me up…I love the off the cuff stuff; fuckin hilarious…seriously post the video challenges on And Ben’s plan for nuking Brad was pretty awesome hahaha. Fun stuff guys!! Lookin forward to how your show went last night. Peace.