MummratRadio Ep: 19!!!

Welcome back to the rat! After a week of nonsense and dead air, mummratradio is back with a couple very special guests! Clark Watts and Earnest Pettie join Ben in an onslaught of web radio greatness. We delve into the specifics of getting blacklisted from Blockbusters everywhere, some professional wrestling talk, how to be a stalker, learn how monkeys tear faces off of people, and find out how they get ’em to quit smoking and drinking!

This is a really fun one for those of you who have been missing out, and we will definitely hear more from Clark and Earnest.

Give it a listen to, download us, send us to your mother [whether she’s cool with it or not], leave us a comment below or send some questions or support to!

Ask us anything, we’re like Dr. Laura only less creepy!

See you next week!


Soul Shattering Clip Of The Week:

you’ll never watch back to the future three the same way again!

On the topic of criminal trespass…

I was at that party that Crutcher references. I ran from the police, got picked up with a group of people about a mile away, and went home…


not sure what to think of this, I am sure that his momma is very proud that her little boy is a child star. love it!