MummratRadio Ep. 20!

We’re back for another week of exciting stuff to listen to, and this one is a special one [special in as many senses of the term possible]. We celebrated St. Patricks day with a slight alteration of our typical mummrat format by taking eight people, cramming them into a room, force feeding them beers, and asking expecting them to operate in a game show atmosphere. Yes that’s correct, you heard us right – MummratRadio Episode 20 is a game show!

We have been curious about doing something like this for a moment now, and finally got the opportunity when we overbooked the show with guests. Out of necessity we pulled a game show out of our asses, and put it up on the web. So listen up, hang out, pick your pony, and play along! We won’t be sure when something like this will happen again, but as far as improvised on the spot game shows are concerned: this is one of them.

Make sure to stick around till the end…it really does get better as it goes along!

Thanks to our guests, and hope everyone had a great St. Patrick’s day, we here at know we did!



Soul shattering clip of the week:

soul shattering because…how could anyone hate the U.S.A!?

Well Mummrats, Brad was back in this one but was probably the most fucked up person on the show, except mexican dave, mexican dave was more fucked up. Look forward to Mummrat 21 where we will return to outr original format and have a surprise first time guest.