MummratRadio Ep. 8

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Have we mentioned to anyone out there that these shows are getting so awesome they can barely be contained on one website? NO!? Well just check out this action packed episode and judge for yourself!

This week we have a Halloween hijinks recap, Ben calls ‘The Electric Company’ ‘The Learning Company’ too many times to count, we find out Brad is ‘one of those guys’, we tally the votes for week 2 of our big ass video game updates and we find out who moves on, some crazy theories, shoutouts, and we find out HIV is bad for kids!

So check it out, tell your friends, leave a comment, and then tell us what you like/hate/love/feel indifferent about.

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And just for fun, some more clips from Sesame Street I’ve always liked:

Now, excuse me while I go out to buy that Sesame Street Box Set…

Send me those gas receipts, I wanna do some data analysis!

Brad, the only way to beat Tetris is to play a single uninterrupted game from the start of that game until the day you die. You can pause it to eat and sleep, but you have to play the same game from your youth til the day you die without failure. Like the StarCraft pro play in Korea, they had people that had to do that in the Soviet Union. If they failed, the local Commissar ended their game with a bullet. True story…

I hate World of Warcraft, cause it ruined a decent franchise. As I commented on during the voting, I own the ORIGINAL WarCraft (circa 1991). I played the shit outta that when I was like 12. WarCraft was to StarCraft (the sequel is finally coming out soon, and it’s going to be the only computer game that I will have bought in the last 10+ years and will be reason enough to buy a real graphics card) and is to the entire RTS genre what Wolfenstein (playing the hell outta this on my iPhone lately) is to Halo. StarCraft was a major force in the push towards online gaming. Without Blizzard NET, you wouldn’t have PSN and XBox Live.

But now it’s World of Warcraft, and I have no interest in that…

Think of it this way. We played the old WarCraft and the GTA 2d top downs, get a kid that’s never played anything but WoW or GTA 4 and try to make them play the precursors. They won’t play it (the majority), they’ll laugh…

This all comes back to where I’m going with this, which is a campaign for the the Video Game Challenge. PAC MAN !!!!

PAC MAN is the video game. Every video game ever since then is essentially an advancement of Pac Man. You run from your enemies when you’re weak, you chase them down when you’re strong. You have to slog through the maze while doing it. It’s like the video game equivalent of The Art of War.

Tail Spin was a cool cartoon, ‘Duck Tails’ and ‘Chip and Dale’ for NES were awesome video games, and any kid of mine will see ‘Aladdin’ and ‘Robin Hood’ against their will.