MummratRadio Ep. 9

mumm9 copyWell, well, well…it would appear that the Mummrat crew has come out with yet another episode! Could this be an interesting turn in events? Have they taken yet another step toward ultimate productivity!? Time will tell!

In this episode Ben gets so hammered by the end of the show he can’t stand up anymore, let alone form complete sentences, we discuss money matters and tard babies, iphone application fiascos, ticketmaster disasters, makeshift golf club radio, we have a preacher who damns those who pee sitting down to hell, michael jordan makes an entrance near the end of the show bearing live shrimp, and hey, we actually wrote a bit!!! So stick around till about 30 min to hear the first half of pure written bit…and then we close on whatever we had left over..the real gold is the last forty minutes so you definitely won’t want to miss out.

Maybe we’ll stop drinking so much, but, we had an excuse?

Till next week loyal listeners! Tell a friend, get them to check it out…you’ll be able to say you were listening when…



Actually, I have an iPhone and a Nextel i576 (which is p. sweet actually. I like electronics that are compact and heavy). Being the boss means you get two phones so you can field two angry phone calls at once. And I only use my iPhone to impress myself, which i do constantly.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again…

“my iPhone is like my penis, I can’t stop touching it, and I keep finding new things I can do with it”

“Shit My Dad Says” would make a good TV show.

I think the bears on the Cleaveland show (Firefox is telling me that’s mis-spelled, but f’ that) are supposed to be some misunderstood version of a black version of an Italian stereotype.

Yea, I comment like a motherfucker.

This is my heart-felt (?) comment about VictaG… I would like to reflect on some things that make him an extra special human being… Others should probably add to this list…

– VictaG has a swagger. He might deny it, but anyone who knows him knows exactly what I’m talking about.

– VictaG has a Chicago Bears logo on his arm.

– VictaG was on some sort of Richmond Burton athletic team.

– VictaG wears fancy button down shirts sometimes.