MummRat Radio Ep. 11!


The wait is over, and addressed as so in the latest episode [and the last one until next year!]. We are excited to have relocated to a new studio/living space/love dungeon/glory hole and back up to our old antics of producing shows and publishing them way late!

We do a 2009 recap [which basically means we’ve combed through our old notes and re-discuss everything we’ve discussed in previous shows – and make some half ass attempts at predictions for 2010 – I’m sorry, I just can’t make predictions for the year until I’m currently living in that year…so maybe more of that next time around]…we squeezed a short song in there by the band Toys That Kill called ‘Bomb Sniffing Dogs’ while everyone breaks for cigarettes.

Interesting queries for those of you with the internet in this show, so if you know any of the answers to our questions go ahead and leave us a message…you can be sure we haven’t had the motivation to discover them ourselves!

Tell us your resolutions and whether or not you’ll keep them. Then we’ll probably make real resolutions and see how long we can actually stick with it.

Until next year! Merry everything and have a safe and happy other stuff!



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