Mummrat Radio Episode 1

Well no one asked for it but we did it anyway, here is the first episode of Mummrat Radio. Stand with bated breath as we discuss bronzing a dead rat. Quake with mirth as we handle the whole “Brett Favre Vikings Controversy” for close to 35 minutes. And god damn wet yourself over our discussion of bums and couch surfing. It’s Mummrat Radio for Christ sakes so enjoy it.


We’re working on getting the complete episode up and running instead of having it cut out in the middle of a titillating conversation about Sarah….who was that again?

Thanks for sitting through this first attempt if you did so, we are always going to be working on known issues and rectifying them as things go on. bear with us and we promise our relationship won’t be short and insignificant like so many of mine have been.

email any feedback, hatemail, love letters, miscellaneous knick knacks, and etc. to:

except for the knick knacks…email us and we’ll let you know how to get those here.