14 Days Til Christmas – Classic Song Interpretations

We’ve all learned a lot as we grow older…mostly about how we didn’t know SHIT when we were kids…and that as hard as I’d love to deny it…my parents were right?

rudolph the red nosed reindeer – gene autry

Your typical story of detested, ignored, disenfranchised freak of a youth cajoled into a life full of depression and hatred for his peers dives head first into a hobby or activity and engulfs himself in the world an outsider. Never being invited to parties and chosen last (if at all) for every team has allowed our young protagonist to develop a hardened callous to shield himself from the emotional (and sometimes physical) damage such a life is bound to deliver to him.

As our hero grows older and more awkward, he hones his skills and masters his craft. Eventually, there comes a day where being a geek is somehow now cool, and his unique sense of style (you know, thick rimmed glasses, messy greasy hair, sweaters, patchy facial hair) isn’t the only thing he’s able to offer society. The skill he’s developed while all the other assholes were busy spiking their hair and attempting to impress the chicks has now become the desirable trait, and has thus launched him to alpha male status while everyone else has gotten fat and have become garbage men.

so if there’s any rudolph’s out there reading this…can you show me how to download those Tower of Power albums i wanted again? I’m afraid i fell into the other category of asshole and spent most of my time making fun of everybody for being better at sports and smarter than me instead of paying attention to anything useful. thanks in advance.

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