50 til 50,000

where will i be?Things I WONT be doing as my car hits 50,000 miles.

As my car sits idle, fifty miles from the first major milestone in it’s life, I consider the possibilities of where it will be as the odometer clicks over to this momentous landmark. know it won’t be somewhere in the middle of a road trip across the country, destination unknown, full of every one of my life’s possessions just waiting to find a home, and a new life. It won’t be winding it’s way through the redwoods of Big Sur, replicating any one of Kerouac’s big adventures. It won’t be full of contraband rolling across the border, or blazing through the silent cold dark desert night, loaded with bikini clad women bound for Vegas. I won’t have loaded it up with a drum set and some amplifiers ready to play my next gig in front of a bunch, or very few screaming fans.

No, unfortunately this moment won’t be spent doing any one of those fantastic things. The most likely possibility will be somewhere on the 105 freeway, westbound for El Segundo CA, where I will continue to waste away under florescent lights, surrounded by two exterior cubicle walls and a couple more zombies enslaved against their better judgement…waiting for their next chance to live.


but then i consider for a moment the significance of such a landmark. The real glory in arriving at this milestone isn’t the moment that last LED illuminates to reveal the final zero in the marquee, it’s all of the events leading up to this moment. In those 50,000 miles i’ve gone surfing over a dozen times, been to san diego twice to see some sweet punk shows, and on too many bike rides to even count. I’ve gone camping in Death Valley, Ventura, Santa Barbara, the Mojave Desert, and The Grand Canyon. Through multiple dents and dings, I’ve been up and down the coast in an attempt to really get the most out of my time spent here, and looking back on it, I think my attempts have been pretty successful.

So i’ll go back to work, sweat it out, paste on a smile, bite my tongue, and prepare myself for another 50K!

[but…don’t tell my insurance agent…they still think i drive less than 8,000 miles a year…shhhhh]

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