Arnold Benedict Doesn’t Interview: GypsyHawk

It was a musty evening at the Roxy – with so many sasquatches packed into one room, it’s hard not to notice the odor. For such elusive creatures – they sure do know how to pack a house. There were happy hour grilled cheeses for sale ($7 a pop, if you call that a ‘sale’) – but i couldn’t dream of eating over the stench of carrion. These beasts clearly paid no notice to the sign out front, which very plainly stated ‘No outside food or beverages’ – have some class you filthy apes!

I was (not) able to catch up with Eric Harris, bass player of GypsyHawk after the show – and i had some questions (not) prepared in case i got the opportunity to (not) interview them. Here’s how it (would’ve) went:

Arnold Benedict: I yelled fuck Detroit half way through your set, what did you guys think about that?

Eric Harris: you yelled ‘Fuck Detroit?’

AB: yeah, about half way through your set – did you think it was because Erik Kluiber is from Detroit?

EH: why would you yell ‘Fuck Detroit’?

AB: i’m glad you asked that – you see, Ian [brown, drummer] owes me thirty dollars after the Bears beat the Lions last year

EH: So, football bets made you yell ‘Fuck Detroit’ at us while we were on stage?

AB: well, Ian owes me the thirty dolllars, and i haven’t been able to collect since you guys have been on tour so much so…

EH: So you yell ‘Fuck Detroit’?

AB: yeah, i mean, i didn’t think until later that it might be a little confusing – oh, and the blackhawks won the stanley cup.

EH: Hockey?

AB: yeah, so that’s another reason

EH: to say ‘Fuck Detroit’?

AB: yeah

EH: at a GypsyHawk show…

AB: did you hear the guy yell ‘Fuck State Lines’ after you announced the title of your song?

EH: i must have missed that

AB: Ian, did you hear it?

[Ian munches on some dead rodents and leaf litter]

AB: i think he stole that from me

EH: Some guy stole yelling ‘Fuck fill in the blank’ from you?

AB: i don’t think he meant it to mean ‘fuck your song “state lines”” – i think he just doesn’t like arbitrary borders

EH: ok..

AB: like, the border between Illinois and Iowa makes sense, and Indiana and Illinois, and Illinois and Kentucky and Missouri

EH: because of the river

AB: Yeah! So, do you guys choreograph your own dance moves, or have you been influenced by anyone in particular

EH: we just do what feels right – and if it feels so right that we want to do it again, we’ll do it again

AB: cool, but did you learn them from any single one person?

EH: we’ve all been to a lot of shows, and been in a few bands – so everything has influenced us in some way – you’re pointing to yourself right now, do you want me to say that YOU influenced what we do on stage?

AB: you could say i choreographed what you do on stage – only if it were true

EH: I’m not saying that

AB: well, thanks a lot for your time, it was a great show – hope you had fun at The Roxy!

Well, that was informative, wasn’t it? Who knew i had so much influence in the Stoner Metal Revival scene. You can see Gypsyhawk on stage in a city near you on their upcoming tour – or buy their crap at any one of these fine places:
Revelry & Resilience on iTunes
Best Buy
Google Play

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