Disney Does It Again!

louiethelightningbug copy

We’re all familiar with Disney’s common practice of their ‘adaptation’ of fairy tales – in other words…steal shit that’s good and make it Disney awesome…sell sell sell!

and it looks like Disney’s latest effort is no different…

It’s not the frog prince storyline I’m upset about either…i mean, come on, nobody cares about sexual deviants tongue wrestling with amphibians anyway…it’s their blatant disregard for my childhood nostalgia!!!

Listen…if there are any holdovers from Jacob or Wilhelm Grimm’s era, they can go ahead and be right pissed just like me [I mean, anyone who’s pushing two hundred years old can be pissed at just about whatever they want if you want my opinion – not just stealing stories – like, lumpy gravy and astroturf], but that’s not the issue here…Louie The Lightning Bug taught me so much about playing it safe around electricity I’d feel like a criminal just sitting by and allowing this piracy and defamation of character persist!

Catching fireflies has always been a proud tradition as a child growing up in the midwest [I care to mention this as it has been brought to my attention that nobody on the west coast here has even SEEN a firefly – I KNOW RIGHT? So those deprived children have nothing to complain about…well..besides the deprivation in their childhood] – You put those things in a jar with a fist full of grass, pop some holes in the lid, and just watch em till they die! Sounds gruesome i know, but a proud tradition, just like watching television commercials!

You all may remember Louie from such PSA’s as this:

How was I to know not to throw the radio into the bathtub without a guy like Louie looking out for my well being!?! And then Disney paints him as a toothless old hick dumb enough to fall in love with the moon!? THE MOON!!!

Please share my passion for a moment, you don’t go around giving your friends bad haircuts do you? Exactly, so why would anyone allow a green light on this?

So for all of you with children out there,I’m asking you please, don’t take them to see this film – you wouldn’t pay a robber to steal your baby straight out the incubator would you?

What if at one point I was a accomplice to giving a friend a bad haircut. Can I still be outraged?


*didn’t watch the youtube link*

*think’s he remembers that from his childhood*

*questions his own sanity*

*watches youtube link, sanity maintained*

I habitually avoid youtube unless it’s…

‘Linni Meister’


‘Brave Little Toaster’

*wonders if anybody knows why i’m using (*) to surround my statements*

*watches the Linni video a few more times*

*doesn’t care*

+watches linni meister video+

+takes a break+

+eats potato chips while watching linni meister video+

Now I remember “the Brave Little Toaster”, but what a fucking freaky cartoon. Everything is anthropomorphized and then killed. That is fucking nuts. I am afraid. What would kids today think?

If you watch the Bug Video without sound it looks like the bug is showing you how to stick your fingers into electric slots.

Linnie Meister looks like that chick from WWF wrestling (trish stratus) and or Nicole Richie with a body.