El Niño Ama A La Fiesta -or- photoshop is for phags

I found a photograph of a little boy on the side of the road this morning and decided the web was too proliferated with images that have received the photoshop treatment…and since photoshop is for losers…I went back to the basics and gave this photo a minorly inappropriate analog adjustment, the way our parents used to do it!

Hope you like it:

Like an old school pop up book, this party animal gets to relive his night over and over again!

NOTE: the photograph has the following phrase written on the back – ‘Hola abuelita, te quiero mucho’ – so in short, some poor grandmother out there has lost the image of her grandson in the gutter in front of my house, and i did this to it…i should feel terrible?

You’re a monster.

terrible? or awesome?

def awesome!