Gloopy Gloppy Mud Babies!,

Why do people keep having these things made? (the 3-D ultrasound images that look like little turd humans, I’m not questioning the creation of babies themselves – i don’t want to sound anti-kid baby here all of a sudden)

Yeah, real cute baby Einstein - but you look like a mud pie.

Does it not look like a child made out of melted fudge? Have you ever played the board game Candyland? Could you imagine giving birth to this thing!?

Congratulations Mrs. Spencer - your baby is a healthy 80's pop culture reference

You could build a pueblo out of this kid.

Conception began during the Green Day set at Woodstock ’94.

Supposedly the technology is much better now, and if you have a descent enough insurance plan – your 3-D ultrasound will look like an actual real infant and not a terrifying Junior Jabba The Hut

But, a world without mud babies is a world i don’t wanna live in.

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