Google Eric Skala

I have a friend, who will be referred to as ‘Eric Skala’. At some point in time, someone was searching the internet for an ‘Eric Skala’ and ended up here on (with any luck, that’s how YOU got here too!) So I got curious and I did the same, went over to and typed in the words ‘Eric Skala’. The first thing I noticed (and this will quickly transform into a bizarre rant about Google being the dumbest smart guy in the room) was that Google, instead of searching for what I had instructed it to (since Google is just a series of machines doing the bidding of the people that created it….oh yeah…and a giant corporate entity hell bent on world domination for the ‘good’ of the people) (and i’m going to apologize to the Google spiders that are crawling all over this sending red flags back up to the hive, make no mistake about it – i bow to the Google overlords…now can I please have my legs back?) it decides to instruct it’s shitty ‘instant search’ function to do this:

that’s right…search for ‘ERIK SKALA’!

I believe this to be a travesty of search intuition. Why, after carefully typing ‘Eric Skala’ would I ever want to search for ‘Erik Skala’? It wasn’t as if I was attempting to complete my research on the tiger salamander and was mistaking ‘Ambistoma’ for ‘Ambystoma’ (because I’m not an idiot and know a shit ton about salamanders), i knew exactly what the hell i was searching for and Google should respect that.

So maybe it’s not just me, and everyone else who’s searching for an ‘Eric Skala’ in their lives, maybe it’s Google. So I have decided to embark on a new journey…and that is to ‘Google Eric Skala’. I will be climbing to the tallest of mountains and wading the deepest of rivers to spread the knowledge…’Google Eric Skala’.

Here’s what you can do to help…type in…search for ‘Eric Skala’…click on this article when it comes up. It’s that easy. We will teach Google that what we want is ‘Eric Skala’ NOT ‘Erik Skala’! Make ‘Eric Skala’ your first choice, not some half rate sloppy second.

We can make a difference, and it starts with ‘Eric Skala’.

‘Google Eric Skala’

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