Half The Effort

This week has been real slow here at down in the well. Must be the weather? Who knows, so in keeping in tradition of at least one post a week [I had a real awesome movie review all typed up, until word decided to stop responding when I was saving it? And I hate doing things over again, so that might just be lost forever. Or resurface as a ‘less than awesome facsimile of it’s former self’.] So I started doing this comic for stupidvideos.com. I consider it a ‘work in regress’ [like most of my projects]. This one I found pretty amusing though…so here it is performing double duty:

If you don’t understand it, there could be two reasons for this:

1: you’ve never seen the movie Gremlins [in which case you should go out and rent it immediately]


…well…that’s the only explanation…you get it, and it’s hilarious!

My cousin used to have Gremlins sheets on her bed when I was little and they scared me… Literally. I don’t know what was wrong with me… I think they are adorable now…

I should really have mentioned that the title of this comic is ‘Artificial Mogwai Insemination’.

err..wait….did i really have to mention that?

And gremlins ARE scary…mogwai are adorable