How To Tame The Wild West

Again, has brought to you a fine piece of scathing social commentary in the form of expertly executed photoshopping.


Once again, California [once commonly referred to as the ‘land of fruits and nuts’ – and not simply because of the bountiful agriculture] has put those same sex couples looking for marriage out on the street, in the state supreme courts denial of overturning Proposition 8 which defines marriage as being between a man and a woman, thereby solidifying the commonly held belief that ‘everyone is dumb’.

And amidst a general meltdown of the economies on a national, state, and global level, we stuck here asking the question: Why does everyone still give a fuck!?

We’re fighting endless wars on drugs and terrors but we’re all still blinded by these ‘moral’ conundrums we find ourselves NOT being affected by! Two dudes wanna hold hands and discuss curtain patterns, GOOD! Two leather clad chicks wanna cruise on Harleys, GREAT! At least they won’t be having abortions! None of these things are going to corrupt the morals of me, or you, or anyone you care about…and if they do, maybe there’s something wrong with the way you’ve been living YOUR life!

Besides, do people even GET married anymore?

Not in MY backyard! [the backyard I’m referring to is Long Beach, which has one of the largest gay populations in Southern California…so…that joke may sound a little cruel, but unfortunately, i guess it’s technicall going to be true until they decide to change the laws]

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