How To Win An Online Argument – Tricks, Tips, Terrible Advice

This was an idea i had for a comic or info graphic of some sort – and then i realized how incredibly lazy and apathetic i’ve become. So i just wrote out the definitive guidelines i use to succeed in the vicious world of online argumentation. Follow some, or all of these rules, and you are sure to be be a class ‘A’ troll:

post a link to a related article that takes a contradicting standpoint – don’t bother reading the content, just make sure there’s an inflammatory title – that’s all anyone is going to read anyway.

use plenty of ‘facts’โ€ฆ.don’t worry about looking up accurate information from reliable sources to support a particular view point – just use the word ‘facts’ many times to imply the opposing argument is lacking them, and yours are all airtight.

drop subtle statements generalizing your antagonist’s life view, be sure to disparage them in a glib manner

ignore the points being presented in any counter-response, but spend more time searching for evidence to support your argument, numbers and graphs are great because it adds legitimacy – and people love pictures.

search synonyms for ‘fascist’, use liberally

let it restโ€ฆ.come back days, weeks, even months later, and claim your victory (alternatively, go back and delete all of your response to make the other guy look like a real joker)

You won! Congratulations! Internet is easy!

This works great for Punditry too! Try saying “Liberal Fascist” it’s a double whammy!