No New Mummrat? How about some political controversy then!

This week we’ve experienced some temporary loss of personnel and the much beloved MummRatRadio show will be put on hiatus. Fret you not, there will be updates! Like this one!

Not to stir up some controversy, but as far as ‘American Standard’ goes, this logo from the back of my toilet looks unusually similar to this one?

We are in no way implying that the President of these United States is running things like a toilet, I’ve just noticed this unusual coincidence and decided to have it documented. Maybe his graphic designer should have done his thinking somewhere else!

On a more personal note, i was trying to avoid taking a camera into the bathroom but was unable to find this log anywhere on the internet. Perhaps there is just a little too much anti-obama sentiment trailing into and out of my office building?

Will the conspiracies ever end!?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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