Not Necessarily An Update

We know: ‘Where’s the MummRat’!?

We’ve been on point with our weekly updates, plus a few extra goodies peppered in there along the way – except for this week. This week we fell off the train…way off the trolly…the wagon is passed…the carrot fell off the string and the donkey’s lost it’s way…the beans have burned on the grill…that fat woman you’ve heard so much about has packed her bags and she’s sitting comfortably in the two seats she was forced to purchase on her flight back to Vienna…

We moved out of Long Beach and onto a couch in Pasadena. My car broke down..we fixed it…broke down again…and now i can drive fifty five…but not any faster.

We’ve done mummrat…we just haven’t posted it…that’s the trouble with live on tape delay…the delay.

We’ve got it all hooked up. Expect it before thanksgiving, and you can give thanks. Then expect something even better to come along in its place. And hopefully, if you give enough thanks [and money…money always helps] we’ll have a central command all set up by next week and we’ll be all good to go…

We swear.

in the meantime…think about this for a while:


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