Random Cell Phone Pic Dump

I generally try and take funny pictures and send them to my friends, but sometimes (most of the times) – these pictures aren’t really that funny. Here is a small collection of the ones I found worthy of resizing and posting. Definitely worth the ten seconds it will take to see them (and then quickly UNsee them)

Why is this sitting right outside my bathroom stall?

A place ladders shouldn't be: Right outside my bathroom stall

HECK into cash!?

Come on, you know you'd take that picture too! Think about all that HECK!

Like a New York Apartment

A bathroom stall at the fair, that doesn't seem all that fair. #fatpeople'sproblems

Seriously, is it?

I SWEAR i saw a cat wearing a pillbox hat, am I just crazy?

Two computers, both broke.

Two crappy computers might just be a #brokepeoplesproblems

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