Speaking Of Dick Jokes…

Ok, this has nothing to do with dick jokes, and I try to keep multiple posts to a minimum in case my brain juice runs out one day – but this HAD to be posted ASAP!

The situation: Gary Leonard is a local photographer in Los Angeles, and had worked on various major publications since around 1960. So google him if you want to know more about it, cuz google knows way more than me.

So he has this open art exhibit called ‘takemypicture‘ – and he’s trying to kick it old school with this grab bag art sale he’s got going on. You send him ten bucks in the mail, he sends you a photograph. It could be big or small or medium, but he took it. He’s got tons of recognizable shit, and then there’s probably tons more of stuff you’ve never seen before. I don’t know much [or anything] about art, but I know this: If you work as a professional photographer for fifty years, you’re gonna have some pretty sweet shit to sell people when you’re finished!

Well today I got my photograph, and I’m super stoked! I thought it was gonna be some crummy building or some other throwaway, but it’s way better than that….WAY:

georgebush-copyHow’s THAT for a dick joke!?

So out of all the Andy Warhols and Sammy Davis Jr.’s – old crumbly buildings or punkers I could have gotten in the mail today – I get this…George W. Mother Fucking Bush! This shit’s going on my wall! [my actual wall, not like, the facebook one…..ok actually it might go on there too, but that’s just a coincedence]

Thanks Gary! You made my week!

So send Gary ten bucks if you want cool shit. I’m sure he’ll appreciate it!

860 S Broadway, Los Angeles CA 90014

Haha! That is definitely super awesome… Ohh Georgie… What size is that?? I think I might have to take part in this… If only for the surprise factor of it all… And that being said… you might LOL a little bit when you get your mail later this week…

well…i’m no computer scientist…but i’m way good at guessing
I mean, that is at least a photograph size that I remember being an option for middle school picture day…and so taking what I know about middle school picture day and applying it to this situation, I would say that is a pretty accurate response. And on my 17 inch hp monitor with a resolution of 1280×1024 pixels…that photograph is pretty much life size…
But when we’re dealing with classic photos of G-dub…size really doesn’t matter